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Dallas SIGs



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Section Meetings

The Greater Fort Worth Section hosts a variety of meetings during the year:

Professional Development Meetings (PD Meetings)
We hold monthly PD Meetings on the first Thursdays of each month from September to June. At them, we begin with a choice of tutorials…skill-oriented topic extracted from one of the ASQ Certifications or dedicated a special interest area. Then we break for dinner and a short Section business / information meeting. The balance of the meeting is dedicated to a speaker who gives a presentation of interest to a significant number of our members. A meal is available at a nominal cost, but not required to participate. Details about each month’s topics are on the drop-down menu to the left.  Our meetings are open to anyone interested in the meeting topics or potential membership in ASQ. 

Leadership Committee Meetings (LC Meeting)
The leadership team of the Section meets on the third Thursday of each month. Meetings start at 6:00, and end 7:30-8:00. A light meal is available at 5:30. All Section Members are welcome to observe or participate in this Business and Planning meeting, with no obligations to volunteer your time just because your joined a meeting.

New Member Orientation
We schedule “live and in-person” Orientation sessions 3-4 times per year, typically in August, October, January and March. The purpose is to provide new members to ASQ and/or new to Ft Worth the opportunity to get to know how ASQ can serve them and what opportunities are available locally for networking and professional development. In small groups, you’ll get to interact with a few of the local leaders and other new members in an informal setting. The meeting provides information about certifications and local learning offers like classes, seminars and conferences. We also show a 30 minute video that participants find most entertaining!

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
The Dallas Section hosts monthly SIG meetings on several focused interests like Audit & Six Sigma. They are typically held in Dallas County, as evening meetings. Location, day/time, and contact information is available for each.

Professional Networking
All the above meetings provide great opportunities to interact with like-minded people where quality of processes and products is considered a personal imperative. Most meetings open the doors 30 minutes in advance of the formal start, and one-to-one chats continue after meetings end.










Gold Excellence Award

ASQ Greater Fort Worth Section 1416 ? P.O. Box 161691 ? Fort Worth, Texas 76161
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