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Education Opportunities

The Greater Fort Worth Section is dedicated to provide professional development opportunities to our members in as many means as the Section can feasibly identify and execute successfully. This page provides an index to a great variety of resources available directly through the Section, or via other organizations delivering the content locally. Content is dynamic so stop here often to see is what is available within the next 3-4 months.

Professional Development Meetings (PD Meetings)
Monthly PD Meetings provide a choice of skill-developing tutorials in a philosophy of “Learn Today – Apply Monday”. The meeting includes a primary speaker who gives a presentation of general interest that may cover most any quality discipline, leadership, or personal interest topics. Topics include emerging concepts and experienced-based, work-life examples. Find information on the Meetings page.

Certificaion Preparation Classes
Classes are offered in the 8-10 weeks prior to each exam cycle. Each course provides Body of Knowledge (BOK) content for the specific exam. While the intent is to “fill in the knowledge gaps” between your current knowledge & experience and the typical exam questions, they are also useful in providing general knowledge to someone new to a quality position, laying a foundation to build upon to be successful in the role. Flyers provide details for specific certification classes (date/time, duration, cost, etc.)

The Section offers a variety of webinar topics throughout the year, but not on a fixed/routine basis. Topics are offered as speakers are recruited and scheduled. They are provided as a service to our members, with no fees charged. Registration is required to obtain the webinar link and call-in information. Recertification Units (RUs) are earned based on the length of the webinar, at 0.1 RU per hour.

Seminars & Conferences
The Ft. Worth Section hosts Saturday Seminars that provide full-day training sessions. One pair of these provides the BOK related to establish a foundation for the Quality Professional and specifically as preparation for the Improvement Associate (CQIA) exam. Another pair focuses on math required for certifications (CQT, SSGB, CQE, CBB, etc.). Although registration is required to assure resources are available for participants (food and copies), there is no charge for nay of the sessions.

The Section’s Premier Event is the Cowtown Quality Roundup… our April conference that offers a choice of 20 topics that cover all quality roles… from technician/analyst to auditor, engineer and manager. Typical attendance is 150-200 participants; guests are welcome, and you can’t believe the price and the quality you get for it.

A variety of other seminars and conferences are available in the DFW area and within a 5-hour drive. They are hosted by the Dallas Section, ASQ Divisions and other local organizations that have quality-related BOK content. As those are identified, general information will be posted here.

Podcasts & Resources
The Section has secured quality-related podcasts and other resources for self-paced learning. As other content is identified and made available, it will be placed here. If you have found any great ‘free’ resources, please help us expand the content.










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